Wunderman | Video : Ford Mondeo – Balloonists

martin| 21 Feb 2010| 0 comments | Video, Viral Tags: , , ,

mustard-berlin is working on another project for Wunderman & Ford. On friday (19th of Feb) we were filming over at Park Royal Studios in North London. The setup involved suspending 2 kids, Henry and Elizabeth from Scallywags, off the floor. We worked with a wire rig to get them raised up and to create a floating, bobbing look and feel. The final film will show them floating in a white space held aloft by 2 helium balloons. Which will be added in post by the clever people at UNIT.

The lighting setup was a mixture of Briese (100 focus HMI), Arri 1.2k MSR and tungsten. We filmed with a 2 camera setup using the Canon 5D mkII at 30fps and the Canon 7D for 50fps.

We’ll upload the final film in the near future so check our media gallery in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: The Balloonist film is now online and can be viewed here.

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