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The New Bentley GT V8 has been launched at the Detroit Motor Show.
We can now reveal the stunning imagery that mustard-berlin produced with photographer Graham Thorp for the launch of this refined and powerful new version of the Continental GT.

The photos are now live on the Bentley website and here in our media gallery.

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mustard-berlin have just directed and produced another film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect.
(CD Dennis Wilson / AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty – Director & Producer Martin Bennett)

Shooting in California taking in downtown LA and several different locations all over the state we were on the road for 2 amazing weeks filming a new launch film and shooting stills photography.

For the film shoot we collaborated yet again with DP Jean-Baptist. The camera car, a supercharged Mercedes ML55 with edge system head and arm was provided by Performance Filmworks. Driven by Donny Bailey, Crane operated by Mike Barnett and Edge technician Carlos “Cafe” Cibils. An amazing and talented team of guys that were a pleasure to work with and made it possible for us to create some amazing driving camera moves. The film was originated on the amazing Arri Alexa using Zeiss Ultra Primes and Arri/Zeiss zooms. Additional fottage was captured using the Canon 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses, operated by Martin.

Photographer Graham Thorp was comissioned once again  to shoot the stills. Using the Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P65 back with Hasselblad lenses. The photos were a combination of statics and dynamic driving images shot in urban locations in LA and rural locations spread over the state of California. For the dynamic driving images we calibrated yet again with Move & Shoot and one of their LA based riggers Aaron Knoke.

We now move into post-production on both the film and stills. We cant reveal at this stage the model of the car but as soon as the images & film go live at the Geneva motor show we’ll upload them, watch this space…

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Martin Bennett (mustard-berlin) have just produced another complex photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect. (AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty) and Photographer Graham Thorp.

Returning to Switzerland we shot at a variety of exciting locations in Zurich, Luzern and the Swiss Alps. Our local production manager Roger Neuburger (All About) pulled out all the stops to secure us amazing locations and made sure once again that everything ran like clockwork on the day.

Photographer Graham Thorp shot a combination of static and dynamic driving images using the Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P65 back with Hasselblad lenses.

We cant reveal at this stage the model of the car but as soon as the images go live we’ll upload them, watch this space…

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Launched today at the Frankfurt Motor Show – The New Bentley Continental GTC

Launch film for the new Bentley GTC. Produced & Directed by mustard-berlin

The new Bentley Continental GTC offers a seductive combination of performance, style and exclusivity.

The Continental GTC represents a new pinnacle for the marque: it has been sharpened, refined and rethought in every detail. The result is a convertible sports car that offers supercar levels of performance together with luxurious accommodation for four people.


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mustard-berlin (Martin Bennett) have produced and directed elements for a new Ford Fiesta campaign for the agency Blue Hive, London (CD Richard Last / AD Nick Hearne / PM Yvette Colgrave)

Using the location skills of location scout/ location manager Ted Ladlow, we secured some prime London locations where we filmed the Fiesta in a modern urban environment. Shooting with Graham Thorp and DP Simon Kennedy to capture the Fiesta at different styles while trying to contain the inquisitive public in a busy London street.

We also shot at Park Royal Studio’s, London for the studio elements. DP’ed by Dave Tree and stills by Graham Thorp, assisted by the wonderful Chris Rands.

Please check this space for when the images go live.

Client: Ford

Agency: Blue Hive

Creative Direction: Richard Last / Nick Hearne

Agency Producer: Yvette Colegrave

Production Company: mustard-berlin

Director: Martin Bennett

DP: Dave Tree / Simon Kennedy

Photographer: Graham Thorp