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mustard-berlin were commissioned by AOI Pro (Japan) to produce a TV commercial for Japanese luxury brand Acura (Honda) for the new 2015 TLX. The spot was directed by Martin Bennett. We filmed on location at the famous Willow Springs International Raceway, California. Working with Performance Filmworks amazing Edge system we were able to create phenomenal dynamic and exciting driving sequences for the TVC. Utilising the considerable experience of the edge team we were able to capture adrenalin boosting driving shots whilst driving the circuit at considerable speed. The camera and flight head was expertly operated by long time collaborator Jean-Babtiste Jay (DOP) and his amazing 1st AC Romain Wilhelm. The commercial goes live in early 2015.

Client: Acura (Japan)
Agency: Dentsu
Production Company: AOI Pro (Japan)
Production: mustard-berlin
Local Production: Clip Pictures (Los Angeles) – Hiroki Shirota

Director: Martin Bennett
DOP: Jean-Baptist Jay
1st AC: Romain Wilhelm
1st AD: Kennedy Taylor
Locations Manager: Geoff Juckes

Precision Driver: Stina Hubinette
Talent: Nida Khurshid

Camera Car: Performance Filmworks (Edge System)
Edge Driver: Steve Hassenpflug
Crane Op: Rob Perin

Vehicle Prep: LA Prep

Technical –
Camera: RED Epic Dragon
Lenses: Zeiss Primes / Angenieux Optimo


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Perfection – An emotive brand film for bespoke car enhancer Overfinch.
Shot on location in the beautiful Swiss Alps near St. Moritz

Directed & Produced by Martin Bennett

Talent – Seumas Sargent
DOP – Konstantin Freyer
Local Producer – Roger Neuburger
Production – Markus Egloff
Drone Pilot – Martin Rickenmann
Drone Camera – Daniel Kunz
DIT – James Gray
Location Sound – James Gray
1stAC – Dominik Müller

Script – Dominik Binegger & John Moseley
Editor – Malcolm Crowe
Music – Mark Delany
Colour Grade – Simone Grattarola (Rushes London)
Retouch – The Brewery (London)

Canon 5D MK3 using Magic Lantern (three camera bodies 1. Drone, 2. Ronin, 3.Tripod)
Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
Ronin Gimbal
Camera Copter (Swiss Helicam)

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mustard-berlin have just directed and produced another film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect.
(CD Dennis Wilson / AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty – Director & Producer Martin Bennett)

Shooting in California taking in downtown LA and several different locations all over the state we were on the road for 2 amazing weeks filming a new launch film and shooting stills photography.

For the film shoot we collaborated yet again with DP Jean-Baptist. The camera car, a supercharged Mercedes ML55 with edge system head and arm was provided by Performance Filmworks. Driven by Donny Bailey, Crane operated by Mike Barnett and Edge technician Carlos “Cafe” Cibils. An amazing and talented team of guys that were a pleasure to work with and made it possible for us to create some amazing driving camera moves. The film was originated on the amazing Arri Alexa using Zeiss Ultra Primes and Arri/Zeiss zooms. Additional fottage was captured using the Canon 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses, operated by Martin.

Photographer Graham Thorp was comissioned once again  to shoot the stills. Using the Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P65 back with Hasselblad lenses. The photos were a combination of statics and dynamic driving images shot in urban locations in LA and rural locations spread over the state of California. For the dynamic driving images we calibrated yet again with Move & Shoot and one of their LA based riggers Aaron Knoke.

We now move into post-production on both the film and stills. We cant reveal at this stage the model of the car but as soon as the images & film go live at the Geneva motor show we’ll upload them, watch this space…

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