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Martin Bennett just produced and directed a film project for Ford with agency The Blue Hive (AD Nick Hearne). The film shows of the new re-designed Ford Transit.

We shot the film over 5 days in and around London, Ramsgate and the wonderful Pinewood studios. This film tells the story of lighting engineer ‘Dave’ and his latest big project.  The film was shot on RED One MX and also on the Canon 5D MKII. In some instance we shot with a three 5D MKII cameras. The lenses were all Canon L series primes. 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm. The DOP was Dave Tree, with Simon Kennedy operating as 2nd unit and 1st unit assistant. Movement was brought to the piece by use of a Kessler cineslider and our superb Camera car  / Scorpion Crane team. Our Jimmy Jib material was superbly shot by Arun Taylor.

The lighting rig was supplied by Simon Alderman and his great team at Neg Earth Ltd.
The soundtrack was an original composition by Paul Stoney & Joel Cadbury and edited at Redworks, London by Russ Clapham.

Check out the film in the Media Gallery

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Back in the summer of 2010 mustard-berlin produced a campaign for Bentley and agency Connect. (AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Taintey)

We spent 5 glorious days on location in Wiltshire with photographer Graham Thorp. Mostly around the beautiful town of Marlborough, with a further 2 days in central London. The days were long, shooting at the top and tail of the day in order to get the best light for the shots. The stars of the shoot were two different models of the Continental Flying Spur.

We shot on the Hasselblad H2 with a P65 back for breathtakingly detailed images. The lighting setups were different at each location and for each shot. Mostly a mixture of daylight, some Profoto Flash and  Dedo lights. On some of the locations we were shooting just after magic hour. So we powered up practical lights with a generator to create realistic ambient lighting.

For the London section of the shoot, we closed down the major junction at Monument leading to London Bridge. In collaboration with Transport for London and City of London Film office we managed to place the Bentley in the middle of the junction to get a stunning urban shot. We also shot at locations in the City of London and Shoreditch.

The photos are now live on the Bentley website and here in our media gallery, enjoy!

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mustard-berlin (Martin Bennett) has just produced and directed a film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect. (AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty)

We spent 12 amazing days on location in Switzerland surrounded by spectacular and dramatic landscape, stunning high-tec interior locations and lots of snow!  In these technically and physically challenging environments we were added by superb local production manager Roger Neuburger (Allabout Productions).

The stills part of the project was shot by photographer Graham Thorp. Shooting on the Hasselblad H2 with a P65 back with Hasselblad lenses for beautifully detailed images. Once again working with Graham has been a pleasure and has led to breathtaking results. The photos were a combination of statics and dynamic images. For the dynamic driving images we worked with rig company Move & Shoot and one of their excellent technicians, Peter Creelmann.

For the film shoot we collaborated with French DOP Jean-Babptist Jay and his assistant Xavier Rodriguez who arrived from Paris to join the team. Also joining us from Paris were the camera car and flight head team. Comprising of Olivier Leblanc, Francis Auguy and Patrick Chizallet. With the camera car  and equipment supplied by TSF Grip – Paris. A totally professional and exceptionally talented team of guys who worked under extreme conditions at high altitude in the Swiss Alps. For the second day of filming we shot great helicopter footage in one of the high alpine passes with experienced pilot “Capito”, Jürg Wiesmann. Again the team has really pulled out all the stops and we landed with superb footage!

The film material was originated on the RED-MX using Angenieux glass with additional footage captured on the 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses.

We’ll upload the final photos and film in the near future so check our media gallery in the coming weeks.


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Ford Transit DM

mustard-berlin is producing and directing another project for Wunderman & The Blue Hive team with (AD Peter Hvid) & Ford. The shoot took place over at Park Royal Studios in North London. The project is a set of stills for internet and print featuring the Ford Transit. The campaign tag line is “We put more in”. Once again were shooting with automotive photographer Graham Thorp. It was a one day studio shoot  lighting with a mixture of flash and tungsten. Flash was used for the models and tungsten for lighting the vehicle itself. Graham shot on the Canon D1s mkII.

A top shot of the vehicle was technically challenging. To avoid distortion the Transit was photographed it in 3 parts. After all the car exposure were complete we moved onto to the people shots and re-lit the set with flash.

As one of the  hero shots from the campaign is being shot as lots of separate elements they will be composited in post-production by the very talented Jeff Brown at FTP Creative in Toronto. Additionally some of these elements were shot as a stop motion sequence so the that they could be animated for an online version of the image.

We’ll upload the final photography in the near future so check our media gallery in the coming weeks.

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This is NOW

The Fiesta Facebook Hack version of the New Fiesta commercial is now on line. You can see a preview of how the film looks by clicking here. Or Click here to create your own version of the film on facebook. You can also see a demo on the Blue Hive website.