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Max Payne - Viral Video - Becoming a Stuntman

Click to watch: Becoming a Stuntman

“Becoming a Stuntman” is a viral video, commissioned by 20th Century Fox to promote the film MAX PAYNE. Filmed in HD and 16mm on location in Toronto. The viral documentary features Mark Wahlberg and Brayden Jones as the “Stuntman”.

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Eliot & Dresden, photography by Martin Bennett

The first photographs of Mr Dresden & Mr Eliot from the Orange Film Studios photo shoot are now online. You can find the photos by clicking on Saving Private Ryan’s Number, Fngz of Fury or Pitch us your Film in the film strip navigation at the bottom of the web page.

Both actors were lit dramatically against a neutral backdrop in order that they could be cut out, and then montaged into the web design by Poke London.

More photos of Eliot & Dresden will follow over the coming weeks as the new commercials are unveiled. Click on the photo above to see some screen shots or go to the Orange Film Studios web site to see more. Photography by Martin Bennett

[Series of 4]

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Twlight by Martin Bennett

Advertising photography for the short film “Twilight” directed by Marc Wilkins. Photography by Martin Bennett

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Vicious dogs, The Library & The Accident by Martin Bennett
Three filmic style images commissioned by film director Marc Wilkins for a self promotional advertising campaign.You can see his web site here. Photography by Martin Bennett

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Martin’s most recent commission for United Artists has seen him working with Tom Cruise & Bryan Singer on their new film “Valkyrie”, Art directing the in-film stills photography and creating authentic 1930’s period photographic prints in post production.

You can see some examples here [Series of 19]

Additionally Martin has been collaborating with established movie stills photographer Frank Connor, retouching & grading the movies still photography, for United Artists
[photography © United Artists]