Bentley launch film & photo shoot : Scotland

Martin Bennett (mustard-berlin) have just produced and directed another launch film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect. ( CD Dennis Wilson / AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty)

Shot at a variety of locations in the highlands of Scotland. This shoot was the second stage of a film for a brand new Bentley to be release later this year. For the film shoot we collaborated with experienced DOP Steve Albins and his assistant / focus puller Gary Rogers. The camera equipment, camera car and arm were provided by Electra. The camera arm was superbly operated by Top Gear veteran Michael Drury.

The film was originated on the amazing Arri Alexa using Zeiss Ultra Primes and Arri/Zeiss zooms. Additional fottage was captured using the Canon 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses, operated by Martin.

Automotive photographer Graham Thorp was once again  shooting the stills on the Hasselblad H2 with a P65 back with Hasselblad lenses. The photos were a combination of statics and dynamic driving images. For the dynamic driving images we worked with Pursuit Europe and their R1 rig operated Andy Galvin.

All the footage and stills are in Post production. Both are looking stunning. We cant reveal at this stage the model of the car but as soon as the images & film go live we’ll upload them, watch this space…

Client: Bentley Motors

Agency: Connect

Creative Direction: Dennis Willison / Richard Parsons

Agency Producer: Melanie Tainty


Production Company: mustard-berlin

Director: Martin Bennett

DOP: Steve Albins

Photographer: Graham Thorp

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