Bentley GT V8 – Film & Photography

mustard-berlin were commissioned by agency Connect (AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty) to produce and direct a combined film and photo shoot for the New Bentley Continental GT V8.

We spent 12 amazing days on location in Switzerland surrounded by spectacular landscapes, stunning high-tec interior locations and lots of snow! In these technically and physically challenging environments, we were aided by a superb local production manager Roger Neuburger (Allabout Productions).

The launch film was directed and produced by Martin Bennett

The stills part of the project was shot by photographer Graham Thorp, who used a Hasselblad H2 with a P65 back with Hasselblad lenses to achieve the beautifully detailed images. Once again working with Graham has been a pleasure and has led to breathtaking results. The photos were a combination of static beauty and dynamic images. We worked with rig company Move 'n Shoot and one of their excellent technicians, Peter Creelmann, to capture the driving images.

The resulting films and photography were used to help launch the New Bentley Continental GT V8 at the Detroit Motor Show.

Directed by mustard-berlin