Bentley Film & Photo shoot: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia

mustard-berlin (Martin Bennett) have just directed and produced another film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect
(CD Dennis Wilson / AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty) Also in collaboration with Jamie Buckingham, Senior Creative at McCann-Erickson Central.

We were on the road for 2 weeks filming for a launch film and shooting advertising and PR photography of the new vehicle. Starting in Austria we worked our way south taking in beautiful rural locations in Slovenia and finally in Croatia.

Photographer Graham Thorp was commissioned once again to shoot the stills assisted by Chris Rands. Using the Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P65 back and Hasselblad lenses. The photos were a combination of dynamic driving in urban environments, shot in Vienna and Graz. The rural locations were spread over northern Slovenia. For the dynamic driving images we worked with Move & Shoot and the brilliant Olaf Jablonski.

For the film shoot we collaborated yet again with DP Jean-Baptist. Our pursuit vehicle, a supercharged Mercedes ML55 with ultimate arm and flight head was provided by ACS France. Driven by Sandra Kier, with the Ultimate arm operated by Clayton Young. A great team that were a pleasure to work with and made it possible for us to create some amazing driving camera moves. Sandra impressed everyone with her ability to drive as fast in reverse as going forward! As we wanted to shoot a lot of close action camera moves we needed a precision driver who really understood film making and the challenges of working at close quarters with a pursuit vehicle, at speed. World record holder Jamie Morrow fitted the bill perfectly and was a pleasure to work with over the duration of the shoot.

The film was shot on a variety of camera formats:
1. Arri Alexa using Zeiss Ultra Primes and Arri/Zeiss zooms
2. Phantom Flex (@1000fps) using Zeiss Ultra Primes and Arri/Zeiss zooms.
3. Additional fottage was captured using the Canon 5D MKIII & Canon 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses, operated by Martin.
4. Drift HD

The PR photography was superbly shot by Nick Dimbleby. Despite the rain!  (assisted by James Arbuckle)

We now move into post-production on both the film and stills. We cant reveal at this stage the model of the car but as soon as the images & film go live at the Paris motor show we’ll upload them, watch this space…

Client: Bentley Motors

Agency: Connect

Creative Direction Photography: Richard Parsons

Creative Direction Film: Dennis Willison / Jamie Buckingham

Agency Producer: Melanie Tainty


Production Company: mustard-berlin

Director: Martin Bennett

DP: Jean-Baptist

Production Manager: Roger Neuberger (All About productions)

Local production: makingmovieshappen (Austria)

Local production: BAS productions (Slovenia & Croatia)

Ultimate Pursuit Vehicle: ACS France

Stunt Driver: Sandra Kier

Ultimate arm Operator:  Clayton Young

Flight Head Tech: Basile Longchamp


Photographer: Graham Thorp

PR Photographer: Nick Dimbleby

Car Rig: Move & Shoot – Olaf Jablonski

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