Bentley Film and photo shoot: Croatia

mustard-berlin (Martin Bennett) has just directed and produced another film and photo production for Bentley Motors with agency Connect
(AD Richard Parsons / PM Melanie Tainty)

The combined film and photography shoot took place in Croatia. We shot in beautiful mountain and coastal locations in the Dalmatian region of Croatia.

Photographer Graham Thorp was commissioned, once again to shoot the stills, assisted by Chris Rands. Graham shot on the  Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P65 back and a range of Hasselblad lenses. The brief called for dynamic driving shots in different landscape environments. To create the element of speed in the dynamic driving images we worked with a Move & Shoot rig, superbly rigged by David Turnley.

The film shoot was only one day so we had a lot to cram in. We shot a mixture of car to car, grip shots, slider and sticks shots. As we needed to be fast and create a lot of material we shot on 2 small footprint cameras:  Canon 5D MKIII & Canon 5D MKII using Canon L prime lenses, operated by Martin Bennett. These gave us the flexibility to shoot fast and get shots not possible with larger camera setups.

Our superb precision drivers for the duration of the shoot were Tiffany Chittenden & Rob Gray. The local crew were absolutely amazing and worked tirelessly on long shoot days. The stop and go and security team made the closing of roads and the locking down of locations happen without hitch or delay. All of this was co-ordinated by Local Producer Dragan Josipovic “Joss” and our superb Location Manager Žarko Ivković. Both of whom are extremely experienced and made sure that the shoot ran smoothly. I think we now hold the record for the longest roadblock in Croatia!!!

We now move into post-production on both the film and stills. As usual we cant reveal the model of the car at this stage, but as soon as the images & film go live we’ll upload them, so please watch this space…

Client: Bentley Motors

Agency: Connect

Art Direction Photography: Richard Parson

Agency Producer: Melanie Tainty


Production Company: mustard-berlin

Local Production:

Director & Producer: Martin Bennett

Camera: Martin Bennett

Local Producer: Dragan Josipovic “Joss” (Croatia)

Location Manager: Žarko Ivković

Precision Drivers: Tiffany Chittenden & Rob Gray

Grip & Production Driver: Doug Shepherd


Photographer: Graham Thorp

Photo & Film Assistant: Chris Rands

Car Rig: Move & Shoot – David Turnley


PR Photographer: Barry Hayden

Assistant: Mark Allen

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