Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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mustard-berlin has just produced a campaign for Bentley and agency Connect.
(AD Richard Parsons)

We spent 5 glorious days on location in Wiltshire with photographer Graham Thorp. Mostly around the beautiful town of Marlborough, with a further 2 days in central London. The days were long, shooting at the top and tail of the day in order to get the best light for the shots. The stars of the shoot were two different models of the Continental Flying Spur.

We shot on the Hasselblad H2 with a P65 back for breathtakingly detailed images. The lighting setups were different at each location and for each shot. Mostly a mixture of daylight, some Profoto Flash and  Dedo lights. On some of the locations we were shooting just after magic hour. So we powered up practical lights with a generator to create realistic ambient lighting.

For the London section of the shoot, we closed down the major junction at Monument leading to London Bridge. In collaboration with Transport for London and City of London Film office we managed to place the Bentley in the middle of the junction to get a stunning urban shot. We also shot at locations in the City of London and Shoreditch.

We’ll upload the final photos in the near future so check our media gallery in the coming weeks.

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